24 Hour Home Care in Sedona, AZ

24 Hour In-Home Care

There are a variety of reasons why a loved one may benefit from 24 hour in-home care services. Some of the reasons include: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia. Or there may be an increased risk of falls or injury for seniors. Perhaps cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry are more difficult and may not be getting the attention deserved.

It may feel like your loved one has lost their independence because they can’t do things they used to enjoy. The assistance they receive with daily chores such as cooking and house cleaning can allow them to regain some of their sense of control.

When it comes to determining if 24-hour in-home care is right for your loved one, there are a variety of benefits that are worth considering:

  • Reduction in agitation and anxiety in people who have lost their sense of time and place. Those suffering from dementia are often disoriented as to time and place. This can lead to severe agitation. Care providers from a personal care agency can comfort and reassure a person with dementia. It can be beneficial to engage in activities as a form of distraction to improve the quality of life.
  • Reduction in the risk of falling. Caregiver assistance is available for those who need assistance getting up from bed or recovering after an illness or injury. For older adults, falls are the leading cause of death and disability. Care that is available 24 hours a day can greatly reduce the risk of falling. Caregivers can assist individuals in getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, and taking a shower. It’s also possible to reduce slip and fall risks by decluttering. Caregivers can take up throw rugs around the home, declutter the room and propose better lighting. Additionally, they can accompany someone on walks.
  • Reduced risk of dehydration and fainting. Elderly family members often suffer from dehydration. As we age, the thirst mechanism has a tendency to decline. You can ensure that your relative drinks to stay hydrated throughout the day when they receive 24 hour senior care. As a result, fainting or other health problems may be reduced.
  • Avoiding accidents in the kitchen or bathroom. Dementia patients can be at risk in the kitchen and bathroom. Even if a loved one is recovering from an illness, these two areas need to be monitored for safety reasons. The caregivers can make sure the stove isn’t left on or provide back-up assistance when someone is in the shower. Meal preparation is a valuable benefit of care provided 24 hours a day to those who are unable to cook for themselves. A variety of balanced and nutritious meals can be prepared regularly while following dietary restrictions.
  • Reducing the risk of admission to a skilled nursing facility. According to most people, they would like to age comfortably at home. Providing 24 hour care to someone who needs it can allow them to remain at home, sometimes indefinitely, rather than go to a retirement home or memory care facility.


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