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Caring Hearts of Sedona is Sedona’s original Home Care Services Agency

Offering more opportunities for aging at home. Most American seniors hope to stay in the comfort of their homes for the longest possible time despite cognition, mobility, and health changes. That has prompted home care providers to step up to the occasion. For seniors, home care services include light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, and mobility assistance.

At Caring Hearts of Sedona, we provide families with reliable, safe, and affordable home care services to avoid caregiver burnout and support your family. Here’s when to choose in-home care services and their benefits to seniors.

When is In-Home Care an Option?

In-home caregiving services have grown to support a wide range of patients, including people who need:

– Assistance getting to appointments

– Help around the house (cooking, laundry, dishes)

– Medication prescription pickups and reminders

– Companionship

– Help with running errands like groceries and shopping

– 24/7 assistance for comfort and safety

– Help with daily living activities like dressing, toileting, bathing, and oral care

Why Choose In-Home Care for Seniors?

In-home caregivers help older adults recover from injuries, manage acute or chronic conditions and comfortably enjoy their golden years at home. Home care services also offer other benefits, including:

1. Home Care Services are Affordable

Many times, families place the responsibility of caring for an aging loved one at the hands of a long-term nursing facility when they can’t manage aspects of their daily activities. By providing the services your aging loved one needs at home, in-home senior care can reduce the cost and burden on families.

2. Greater Independence

Many seniors might not admit they’re struggling with their daily lives to avoid losing independence. Home health care services, help your elderly loved ones continue handling their daily tasks like bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and walking. That way, they can continue living independently at home.

3. Relief for Family Caregivers

Professional caregivers provide relief to your family as they can help with cooking, bathing, and handling other daily tasks. Home health aides can also educate your family about giving companion care, managing chronic conditions, and accessing useful resources.

4. Safety, Comfort & Convenience

Research shows that seniors struggling with diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other medical conditions respond better to medication while in a familiar environment. With home health care assistance, elderly adults can get assistance with their medication and help them recover faster.

Your aging loved ones can avoid harmful drug interactions without going to the hospital with personal care providers. Home care providers can also create a safe environment to prevent the risk of falls without interrupting your loved one’s daily routine.

5. Home Care Maintains Dignity

While every nursing home aims to offer the best care services possible, there are many undesirable aspects to such facilities. That includes sharing personal spaces like bathrooms and having different caregivers assist you with bathing and toileting.

Home care assistance helps your aging loved one establish a trusting relationship with consistent caregivers in the privacy of their homes. Aging in place also gives you a personal care plan tailored to your specific needs.

How Caring Hearts of Sedona Can Help

Caring Hearts of Sedona is a trustworthy home care agency that helps seniors in Cottonwood, AZ, live comfortably and independently at home. Our customized in-home care services are designed to meet your aging loved ones’ unique needs. These services include:

Specialty Care

Not every caregiver has the experience or training to care for an elderly person with health conditions that require specialized care. Our home care caregivers in Cottonwood, AZ, are certified and experienced in caring for patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, neurological disorders, and others.

Personal Care

We provide your aging loved ones with a friendly team of caregivers that help with bathing and grooming, toileting, light exercises, incontinence care, and medication reminders.

Companion Care

With the caregivers at Caring Hearts of Sedona, your aging family members can enjoy friendly conversations, safety, and accompaniment to appointments.

Travel Companionship

Caregivers from Caring Hearts of Sedona help your loved ones get transportation to run errands and safely navigate to the grocery store, pharmacy, and other appointments.

Why Choose Caring Hearts?


Finding the right Caregiver for you or your loved one is an important decision. Equally as important, is choosing a Cottonwood Home Care services provider you can trust.

Since our founding in 2003, CARING HEARTS OF SEDONA was created to reestablish the lives and dignity of those in need, and we pride ourselves with providing exceptional care.

As your journey turns toward needing the support of Caring Hearts, please consider Sedona’s first in-home care company.

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